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How to apply comprehensive big data platform with

The comprehensive big data platform of enterprises and institutions in all walks of life is a management and operation application platform relying on cloud computing for distributed processing, distributed database and cloud storage architecture. We integrate professional basic language code technology, research and design with modular intelligent combination application function, and have the ability to efficiently run massive data scale, fast data flow, and so on Various data types and intelligent module functions. All on-the-job staff of the unit who have certain computer operation basic ability can set up authorized office application for internal team members on the basis of intelligent module of comprehensive big data platform, open content to the public, and master multiple functions and application services of background management, mobile front-end and user terminal in combination with Internet user data access.

Digital industrial equipment management system

1. Equipment data acquisition platform: It can realize the realtime automatic collection and storage of industrial equipment operation data, and feed back the relevant information of equipment control panel, such as equipment onoff status, alarm information, operation program, load, power, coordinates, etc. Through the networking of numerical control equipment, it can provide accurate and reliable data base for workshop to arrange production plan scientifically and take correct measures.

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two Digital intelligent management platform: It can monitor the workload and running time statistics of different manufacturers and different models of equipment, list and graphical statistics of equipment start-up time, effective processing time, downtime and failure time according to different periods, as well as statistical analysis of equipment capacity. Through the CNC equipment Internet of things: it can intelligently obtain the working state data of the equipment, monitor and analyze the fault information and operation information, and make a scientific and effective maintenance plan.

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